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15-Day Trial

15-Day Trial

Every regular product on our website includes a full 15-day trial period. Not completely satisfied? Let us know within 15-days, return your purchase and get a refund - it's as simple as that!

After we've examined and approved the return we'll refund your purchase straight back to your credit card less our shipping costs. Of course damaged, modified or incomplete product returns can't be refunded.

The only exception to our 15-day trial policy would be special order items which have been been built to order. Though sales of special order items are final, they are fully protected by their manufacturer's warranty and will be repaired, exchanged or replaced as per the conditions of that warranty.

And speaking of warranties, count on NightVisionExperts.com to always be in your corner. If you ever have a problem, just let us know and we'll contact the manufacturer on your behalf to report and resolve the issue on a fast track basis.

For more details regarding our unique free shipping and 15-day product trial policies or our warranty support advocacy, contact us at sales@nightvisionexperts.com or by phone at (877) 212-7102