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Generation 1+.  Night vision's black and white TV.

Night vision and televisions are a lot alike.  In the early days though the technology was rudimentary, both did their jobs admirably.  Whether it was a black and white TV in your living room or a Generation 1+ night vision scope, both technologies helped us see and do things that had never been possible.

In terms of performance, the comparison between the two holds up as well.  Though both deliver somewhat less detailed images that aren’t quite as bright as today’s versions, both technologies continue to function well and do it at an affordable price.

With this in mind, the Gen1+ scopes, binoculars, goggles and hunting scopes that you’ll find below represent our best picks from this affordable category.  Backed by solid warranties, each of them delivers the best viewing range and image quality that you’ll find for this product category.

Gen 1+ Night Vision

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Newcon Stargate-M 2x35 Night Vision Monocular

Gen 1+ Night Vision Scope