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Night Vision Scopes - Singular Simplicity

Night vision scopes are all about keeping things simple. A single image intensifier, a single optics package. Something we like to refer to as singular simplicity.

Less expensive than either night vision goggles or binoculars, they're easy to use. Moreover, if you're on the move and need to shed weight, a night vision monocular can be a great choice. Light in weight, some are small enough to slip into your pocket.

A Single Image Intensifier. With plenty of options.

Easy to use night vision scopes score well on the "bang for your buck" affordability index. Available with Gen1+, Gen2+, Gen3 and Digital Image Intensifiers, scopes enjoy many accessories.

Need a long-range surveillance scope? Add a high powered lens set. How about converting your scope to a night vision hunting scope? There are available weapon mounts and sighting systems that will help do that. And if you'd like to convert your scope into a hands-free mono-goggle, choose a head or helmet mount.

Looking for simple, high performance night vision? Then check the singular simplicity of our curated selection of night vision scopes.

Night Vision Scopes - Compact & Affordable

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Newcon Stargate-M 2x35 Night Vision Monocular

Gen 1+ Night Vision Scope

Phantom-150 Waterproof Gen2+ Night Vision Monocular

Gen 2+ Night Vision Scope

PVS-14 Gen3 Night Vision Scope

Gen 3 Night Vision Scope

$3,399.95 $3,699.95