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Night VisionThermal VisionInfrared Lighting and Range Finders.  For hunters, law enforcement, security professionals and avid sportsmen these are the four optical pillars of situational awareness when things get dark.  After 20 years we know what works, who to trust and when to walk. If you’re looking for great products from a company that knows its stuff, let's talk.

So many choices; Tubed or digital?  If tubed, which generation?  Handscope, binocular or goggle? And clip-ons, don’t forget the clip-ons!  Yes, night vision really can get confusing at times, but not to worry, that’s what we're here for – give us a call or e-mail if you need help.  NightVisionExperts can guide you through the techno-babble towards the night vision device that will best meet your unique needs. 

Yes, it's true.  Thermal imagers can’t “see” the reflected visible light that we see with our eyes.  In fact, they’re also blind to the invisible infrared light that reflects off targets that our night vision device magically converts into images on a screen that we can see.  But what thermal vision can do is detect the heat that radiates off everything that surrounds us.  And the fascinating thing is that after a thermal imager builds an on-screen “heat-map” of what it’s pointed at, the resulting images are just as identifiable as if you were looking at something with your naked eyes.  We go into this in a bit more detail in our thermal imaging optics section, but for now suffice to say that thermal imagers are often the best choice for applications that require exceptional imaging under the most brutal imaginable conditions.  Not bad for a “blind” technology we’d say!

No, we haven’t been smoking something (well at least not recently).  We’re talking about the best accessory you can add to your night vision kit: infrared spotlights and floodlights.  Adding massive amounts of infrared lighting will dramatically improve both the range and performance of your night vision devices, tubed or digital. What kind of a night improvement will an infrared spotlight or infrared floodlight deliver?  In the words of NightVisionExperts customers around the world, "Best Night Vision Accessory Ever!"

Laser rangefinder monoculars and rangefinder binoculars will always be judged on their range and accuracy of their distance measurements. Increasingly though they are being layered with new features including speed detection, compass readouts, angular elevation measurements and real-time computer and Android connectivity. This new data now provides hunters with the accuracy that they require to consistently place long shots on target. Security professionals too are finding that the richer data sets that are now being produced by the new wave of laser rangefinder can dramatically improve both threat assessments and situational awareness.

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