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Night Vision Goggles - Midnight Freedom Machines

OK, so we admit it. At the end of the day, if we could have only one piece of night vision equipment in our kit, night vision goggles would be at the top of our list.

Yes, the technology that they employ is pretty awesome, but it's how they make us feel every time we've got them on that gets us every time. Wearing a device that turns night into day, that gives us the freedom to walk through a pitch black forest with complete confidence? Yup, that's very cool!

Our curated selection runs the gamut, from less expensive Gen1+ mono-goggles to professional grade, mil-spec Gen3 autogated versions. But no matter your budget, the features you need, or the accessories that you add, each and every one of the night vision goggle systems presented on these pages truly do live up to their moniker as midnight freedom machines!

Night Vision Goggles - Midnight Freedom Machines

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Sightmark Ghost Hunter 1x24 Gen1+ Night Vision Mono-Goggle

Gen 1+ Night Vision Goggle

$295.99 $349.97