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Wi-Fi Enabled Digital and Thermal Gifts for that tech-savvy person on your list!

Thrill them with a Wi-Fi Enabled Digital Night Vision or Thermal Imaging Scope!

If you've got a tech-head on your shipping list (and who doesn't these days!) then why not take a look at one of our cutting edge Wi-Fi Enabled Digital or Thermal viewers.

Wi-Fi enabled, these technical gems easily pair to iOS and Android devices to deliver real-time YouTube streaming and data transfers for true global connectivity.

Once paired, they can instantly convert any pad, phone or computer into a remote wireless monitor and function controller.  Moreover you'll be able to stream real-time YouTube video and data transfers to anyone you choose, anywhere in the world.

If you’re looking for a gift that delivers the kind of technology, performance and connectivity that's sure to blow away even the fussiest tech-savvy person on your list, these are going to be sure fire winners!

Wi-Fi Enabled Digitals and Thermals. Perfect gifts for tech-savvy people!

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