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Digital Night Vision - Technical considerations aside, these things are awesome! 

Digital night vision products are powered by infrared sensitive image sensors that consist of large arrays of microscopic light sensitive capacitors, each of which independently fire off variously charged electrons when they're hit by light. Taken as a whole, these electrons are subsequently fired into LCD or OLED displays which convert all this energy into the images we see.

Generally speaking, the larger the image sensor the better. More capacitors means more data points, also known as pixels. And as you might expect, the more data a night vision display has to work with, the better the resolution or sharpness of the finished image will be.

Digital night vision technology truly has turned our industry on its head. From toy store novelty only a few years ago to today's line of category killers, these products represent the future. Give them serious consideration. And as always, we're here to help.

Digital Night Vision. Technically Superior.

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