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Night Vision Hunting Scopes - Open your eyes to a whole new view

Night Vision Hunting Scopes are designed to mount to any weapon fitted with either a Picatinny or Weaver Rail. Just like standard day vision scopes, they can provide you with accurate long range targeting of game at distances up to 1,000 yards, with one important difference - they do it in the dark!

Depending on your budget and desired features they can be equipped with a full range of night vision intensifiers, from low cost Gen 1 tubes all the way up to state-of-the art military specification Gen 3 tubes that truly turn night into day.

Increasingly though the advent of cutting edge digital technology has begun to challenge the supremacy of these older designs. Not only do many digital scopes now match the range and resolution of Generation 3 units, top rated models bring an incredible assortment of new features to the table. Multiple reticles, wireless controls, digital recording and even the ability to memorize zero coordinates across several shot loads and ranges are setting a new standard for what hunters now expect from their night scope.

Night Vision Hunting Scopes

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Phantom Series Gen3 Auto-Gated Night Vision Hunting Scopes | 3x50 | 4x60

Gen 3 Night Vision Hunting Scope

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