Pulsar Quantum Series Thermal Imaging Scopes. LD19A / HD19A / LD38S / XD50A

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Pulsar Quantum Series Thermal Imaging Scopes
LD19A / HD19A / LD38S / XD50A

Each of the four available models of Pulsar's Quantum Thermal Imaging Scope easily penetrates fog and smoke to provide high resolution thermal images, day or night.

Differentiated by their thermal range, their thermal core refresh rates and whether they can be exported, if you're in the market for a reasonably priced hand held thermal imaging scope then you'll probably find a Quantum that will meet your needs. Here's the rundown on the four models you can choose from:

Pulsar Quantum LD19A Thermal Imaging Scope
515-yard range | 9Hz frame rate | exportable

The lowest cost member of Pulsar's Quantum family, the features packed into the LD19A make it the dominant thermal imaging scope at this price point.  Powered by a 9Hz thermal imaging sensor, the scope's 1x16, f1.2, germanium glass lens produces a high resolution thermal image out to a range of 515 yards.  Moreover, the Pulsar Quantum LD19A Thermal Imaging Scope can be exported.

The LD19A features a 2-power digital zoom, “white hot” and “black hot” heat signature settings and three operating modes (city, forest and identification) to enhance image contrast based on your surroundings.  The tripod mountable scope is also equipped with a 3.5 mm output jack that can be connected to an available digital recorder, accessory mounting rail and available external power supply.

The LD19A is typically used for commercial purposes such as detecting leaks, poor ventilation or hot spots in homes and buildings.

Pulsar Quantum HD19A Thermal Imaging Scope
515-yard range | 30Hz frame rate | not-exportable

Pulsar's Quantum HD19A ups the ante by adding a higher speed 30Hz thermal imaging sensor to the mix. The result is smoother image pans, an important consideration for surveillance applications that demands quick scans of large areas.

Features include 2-power digital zoom, “white hot” and “black hot” heat signature settings, three image contrast modes, video/power jacks, tripod mounts and a 1x16, f1.2, germanium glass lens set.

Affordably priced, the Pulsar Quantum HD19A's smooth, high-speed 30Hz thermal imaging sensor and ability to penetrate fog and smoke - day or night - make it an ideal surveillance tool for both search and rescue and law enforcement applications.

Pulsar Quantum LD38S Thermal Imaging Scope
1,039-yard range | 9Hz frame rate | exportable
This scope is yet another variation on the lower priced LD19A, though in this case the change is restricted to the addition of higher powered 2.1x32, f1.2, germanium glass lens.  This change to a higher powered lens set more than doubles the thermal imaging range to 1,039 yards.

This thermal scope's features remain the same; 2X digital zoom, “white hot” and “black hot” heat signature settings, three image contrast modes, video/power jacks, dual ¼-inch tripod mounts and the accessory rail mount. 

With a cumulative digital zoom magnification of 4.2X, the Pulsar Quantum LD38S Thermal Imaging Scope scores high marks for long-range thermal reconnaissance applications.  And of course thanks to its 9Hz thermal imaging sensor, this scope can be exported.

Pulsar Quantum XD50A Thermal Imaging Scope
1,200-yard range | 50Hz frame rate | not-exportable

Topping off Pulsar's Quantum Series, the XD50A Thermal Imaging Scope features a powerful 2.5x42, f1.2, germanium glass lens that extends this scope's thermal range to 1,200 yards.

Moreover, with the addition of an upgraded 50Hz thermal image sensor, long-range surveillance imaging is incredibly smooth no matter how quick the pan.  And like every scope in the Quantum series all the standard features remain, including “white hot” and “black hot” heat signature settings, three image contrast modes, video/power jacks, dual ¼-inch tripod mounts and an accessory rail mount.

Combined with the unit's cumulative digital zoom of 5-power, the Pulsar Quantum XD50A Thermal Imaging Scope represents one of the most powerful long-range, reconnaissance imagers in its class.

  • BEST USE - Just about any user, from casual to professional, who who is looking for a well-priced, full-function thermal imaging scope that easily cuts through fog and smoke, day or night
  • The four available Pulsar Quantum Series models vary by their thermal range, the refresh rate of their thermal cores and whether they can be exported
  • Powerful features shared by all Quantum models include “white hot” and “black hot” heat signature settings, three image contrast modes, dual ¼-inch tripod mounts and accessory rail mount
  • The internal high-resolution OLED display can be output through a 3.5mm port to an available digital recorder
  • Powered by 4-AA batteries for up to 5.5 hours. A quick-swap external battery pack is included and an available external power supply can attached to the scope's power port
  • Both the 9Hz, exportable LD19A and the 30Hz, non-exportable HD19A deliver a 515-yard thermal range. Your best choice for commercial applications, your pick will largely depend on whether exporting is required
  • The exportable 9Hz LD38S Thermal Imaging Scope doubles thermal range to 1,039 yards making the ideal pick for professional long-range thermal reconnaissance applications, anywhere
  • The XD50A tops out Pulsar's series of Quantum Thermal Imaging Scopes. Though non-exportable, this well-priced, professional scope delivers exceptionally smooth panning at distances up to 1,200 yards.
  • Backed by Pulsar's 3-year warranty, the scope's shockproof electronics are housed in a water resistant IPX4 housing


Sensor Frame Refresh Rate
LD19A: 9Hz

HD19A: 30Hz

LD38S: 9Hz

XD50A: 50 Hz
Sensor Resolution
384x288 pixels
Sensor Spectral Response Range
7.7µm to 13.2µm
Sensor Pixel Pitch

Objective Lens

LD19A: 1x16, f1.2, germanium glass lens

HD19A: 1x16, f1.2, germanium glass lens

LD38S: 2.1x32, f1.2, germanium glass lens

XD50A: 2.5x42, f1.2, germanium glass lens
Digital Zoom?
Cumulative Digital Zoom
LD19A / HD19A: 2X

LD38S: 4.2X

XD50A: 5X
Maximum Range
LD19A / HD19A: 515 yards

LD38S: 1,039 yards

XD50A: 1,200 yards
Close-up Distance
LD19A / HD19A: 3 yards

LD38S: 2 yards

XD50A: 5.5 yards
Field of View (FOV) Angular, Horizontal x Vertical
LD19A / HD19A: 26.8°x20.8°

LD38S: 14.4°x10.8°

XD50A: 11.0°x8.3°
FOV Linear (at max range)
LD19A / HD19A: 245 yards

LD38S: 263 yards

XD50A: 231 yards
Eye Relief
20 mm
Dioptre Adjustment, D
-5 / +5
Eyepiece Display
Display Resolution
640x480 pixels
Video/Image Output?
YES, 3.5mm jack
Video/Image Output Signal
Output Resolution (PAL/NTSC)
not provided by manufacturer
Integrated Video/Image Capture?
Removable Image Capture SD memory stick?
Available Digital Recorder?
Battery Type
Battery Life
5.5 hours
Low Battery Indicator?
Available External Power Supply?
LD19A / HD19A: 7.0x3.4x2.3 inches

LD38S: 7.9x3.4x2.3 inches

XD50A: 8.1x3.4x2.3 inches
LD19A / HD19A: 17.3 ozs

LD38S: 19.7 ozs

XD50A: 19.5 ozs
Water Resistant?
Water Proof?
Tripod Mount?
YES, dual ¼ inch receptors
Operating temp
-4°F to +122°F
Export License Required?




Quantum LD19A or Quantum HD19A or Quantum LD38S or Quantum XD50A Thermal Imaging Scope, Batteries, Soft Carrying Case, Output Video Cable, Hand Strap, Car Adapter, Extra Battery Container, Lens Cleaning Cloth, Manual, 3 Year Warranty

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