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Predator. Arnold. 1987. 80% Rotten Tomato score.

Need we say more???

Yup, this is the gift that’s going to blow some minds.  No matter how jaded, the ability to turn distant heat signatures into visual information is a tactical game changer.  No amount of darkness, camouflage, smoke or fog can avert the penetrating gaze of a thermal imaging device.  If there's a heat source, it's going to be found.

Handhelds, clip-on, hunting scopes… many with WiFi connectivity, all with awe-inspiring thermal resolution.  You’ll find them all in our Thermal Imaging gift list.  Trust us when we say, Arnold could have used one back in the day!

They’re all in stock and ready for free Christmas shipping anywhere in the US. And in the unlikely event that you need to return your gift we make it easy… simply return your purchase within 30-days for a full refund!

Thermal Imaging Viewers. Stand back... these gifts will blow their minds!

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Pulsar Apex Series Thermal Hunting Scopes | XQ38 | XQ50

Thermal Hunting Scope

From $2,069.99
Pulsar Core Series Thermal Imaging Clip-On | FXQ38 | FXQ50 |

Thermal Hunting Scope

From $3,599.99 $3,999.99