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2018 Top Pick. A Fun Vision Night Scope for under $249!

2018 Top Pick. A Fun Vision Night Scope for under $249! 0

Sightmark Twilight 7x50 Digital Night Vision Scope

Though we list several good night vision scopes that are priced under $249, we think that Sightmark's Twilight 7x50 Digital Night Vision Scope deserves our Top Pick nod for a number of reasons.

First and foremost would be the Twilight's impressive 7-power glass lens set. In combination with a 36 lp/mm Sony CCD sensor this digital scope delivers night vision ranges of up to 200 yards.  Connected to a videocam or digital recorder you can readily record your viewing sessions.

And unlike traditionally tubed Generation 1+ scopes which can be damaged by accidental exposure to bright light, Twilight's digital core could care less... this is a high magnification scope that can be used both day and night.

Great night vision that's tough to break and fun to use... that's the Twilight 7x50 Digital Night Vision Scope in a nutshell.  Reason enough to make it our Top Pick for a fun night vision gift under $249!

  • NightVisionExperts Value Team
2018 Top Pick. Digital Night Scope under $399.

2018 Top Pick. Digital Night Scope under $399. 0

Pulsar Digiforce 860RT Digital Wi-Fi Enabled Night Vision Scope

This was an easy top pick choice. Introduced in 2017 the Pusar Digiforce 860RT's easy connectivity to any iOS or Android device has significantly raised the technology bar for value-priced scopes.

Able to convert phones and tablets into remote monitors and
livestream its night vision video direct to YouTube in real-time, this scope is perfect for a host of critical surveillance and security applications.

Equipped with a high resolution 1/3" SONY CMOS sensor the 869RT easily knocks out night vision ranges exceeding 300 yards.  With 8 Gb memory this unit records up to 40 minutes of 640x480 pixel AVI video and high resolution JPG photo captures up to 1280x960 pixels.

For under $399 this scope is a hands-down entry on our 2018 Top Pick List!

  • NightVisionExperts Value Team
FINALLY! Night Vision & Thermal Imaging Wi-Fi!

FINALLY! Night Vision & Thermal Imaging Wi-Fi! 0


Pulsar Stream Vision Wi-Fi Enabled night and thermal vision scopes can be easily paired with your iOS or Android device to provide you with true global connectivity.

Just install Pulsar's free Stream Vision App on your phone or tablet to instantly convert it into a remote wireless monitor and function controller.  Moreover, with Stream Vision on your device you’ll be able to stream real-time YouTube video and data transfers to anyone you choose, anywhere in the world.

Stream Vision is available on Pulsar’s most innovative devices, including the economical Digiforce Digital Hand Scope, their Forward Digital Clip-On Night Vision Attachment, Helion Thermal Imaging Hand Scopes as well as their powerful line of Trail Thermal Imaging Hunting Scopes.

If you’re looking for the best of the best in technology, performance and connectivity, Stream Vision Wi-Fi enabled Pulsar night and thermal vision devices are what you need.

  • Stewart Firman