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2018 Top Pick. Thermal Hunting Scope under $2,999.

2018 Top Pick. Thermal Hunting Scope under $2,999.

Pulsar Trail XQ30 Wi-Fi Enabled Thermal Imaging Hunting Scope

We can hear what you're thinking... almost three grand for a hunting scope?  Are we crazy? Well maybe, but consider the following real-life scenario:

Scanning the horizon with your newly mounted Pulsar Trail Wi-Fi Enabled XQ30 Thermal Hunting Scope you catch sight of a distant thermal signature. Zooming to 15.2-power confirms that it’s a wild boar.  Game on!

The scope’s stadiametric rangefinder calculates range to be 500 yards. From a menu of previously saved ballistic trajectories you digitally lock in the scope's zero profile for that distance. Tall grass behind the boar makes it tough to see, but not a problem -  a quick switch to “Forest” mode dramatically improves your Trail's contrast.

Target locked, safety off, three deep breaths, exhale... squeeze!  And because your Trail is paired to that iOS or Android phone that's in your pocket you’ve just livestreamed the entire session to YouTube and saved it to video thanks to the scope's recoil activated software.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we've unreservably placed the Pulsar Trail Wi-Fi Enabled XQ30 on our 2017 Top Pick List for Thermal Hunting Scopes under $2,999.

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