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2018 Top Pick. Exportable Thermal Hand Scope under $1,999.

2018 Top Pick. Exportable Thermal Hand Scope under $1,999.

Pulsar Quantum LD19A 9Hz Thermal Imaging Scope | 2018 Top Pick | Exportable

Equipped with an exportable 9Hz thermal imaging sensor, Pulsar's Quantum LD19A thermal hand scope is ideally suited to critical search and rescue, surveillance and law enforcement applications.

Easily penetrating fog and smoke to a range of 547 yards, the Quantum renders brilliant, high resolution images on a frost free OLED display, day or night. The scope features a 2-power digital zoom, 1.1x19 f1.2, germanium glass lens set, “white hot” and “black hot” heat signature settings and three image contrast modes.

The tripod mountable scope is also equipped with a 3.5 mm video output jack that permits connection to an available digital recorder, an accessory mounting rail and an available external power supply.

The Pulsar Quantum LD19A's combination of smooth, 9Hz thermal power and affordability have earned it a place on our 2018 Top Pick List for Exportable Thermal Hand Scopes under $1,999.

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